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How to Reset Samsung i9000 Galaxy S

Posted by gadgeteer on October - 9 - 2011

Samsung GT i9000 Galaxy S is a wonderful smart phone that has many functions aside from being a phone. Samsung Galaxy S runs on android OS that boast of arrays of application and functionality. Samsung Galaxy S has amoled touch screen that is very reactive, with easy to use built in software for calendar integration, easy sharing of files, HD recording and playback and many more.

While Samsung Galaxy S is a well designed smart phone, in some instances, it may malfunction just like any other gadgets. But before bringing your Samsung Galaxy S for a technical service, try this simple reset that in many cases, may bring the phone back to its normal functionality.

  • Reset Samsung GT-i9000 Galaxy S by pressing  for 10 seconds
  • Wait for the i9000 to reboot
  • If this did not work try to reset Samsung GT-i9000 Galaxy S by removing the Battery
Rest Samsung GT-i9000 by Removing the Battery
  • Turn-off the Samsung GT-i9000 Galaxy S by pressing the power button
  • Open the back cover and remove the battery for 10 minutes as shown

Samsung Galaxy S Battery Remove

  • Re-insert the battery of Samsung Galaxy S
  • If this will not work try to reset to default settings
Rest Galaxy GT-i9000 to Default Settings through the Menu
  • Tap on the Menu button.
  • There, tap on the button labelled as Settings and there tap on the Privacy option.
  •  Now you will find an option labelled as Factory Data Reset. Simply tap on it.
  • Now tap on the Reset Phone option. There select the option, Erase Everything. It might ask you for the password if you made any such settings. If yes, then simply enter the password.
  • That is it! Now you Galaxy S will restart and when its started again, you will find that you have reset your Galaxy S to factory settings.
  • If this will not work try making the reset through the Android OS.
Rest Galaxy GT-i900 to Default Setting through Android OS
  • Remove the battery and reinsert.
  • While pressing the Volume Up Button + Home Button
  • Press the Power Button for 3 seconds then release to activate menu

  • Using the Volume Buttons Select “Wipe Data/Factory reset”
  • Confirm by pressing the Home Button or the Power Button
samsung menu
reset to factory default
  • Wait for the Samsung i9000 to reboot.
Note : Reset to  factory setting will erase all data from your Samsung Galaxy S. Before doing the reset procedure, make sure to back up your data. If the above fix for Galaxy S did not work the battery maybe low, try to recharge the battery and repeat the procedure.


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