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Reset Apad to Factory Settings

Posted by gadgeteer on September - 6 - 2011

Apad is an Apple iPad copy that is being marketed by Wholesale China Electronics. Apad is a touchscreen tablet that has almost the same looks and size of an Apple iPad but not necessarily in hardware features.

While Apple iPad runs of iOS, Apad on the other hand runs on Google Android Operating System that are also found in most cellphones and PDA’s. Apad is gaining popularity and becoming a good alternative to a higher priced iPad because of primarily its lower cost and secondly, the wide availability of android applications in the market.

Why Reset an Apad to Factory Settings

Just like any other electronic device, reset to factory settings may be needed such as in the following cases:

  • Apad has been known to have an issue on shaky screen. The following reset procedure is applicable as fix
  • Apad has to be reset to fix other software glitches
  • Apad would have to be reset for transfer of ownership


When the Apad is reset to factory settings, all data and settings will be reset and erased. Back-up any data before proceeding with the reset.

How to Reset an Apad to Factory Settings

  1. Remove the Apad from computer and power supply
  2. Make sure the Apad battery is charged
  3. Put the Apad to off postion.
  4. Press and hold the two select buttons at the top of the Apad unit
  5. Slide to right the “on/off” button
  6. Wait for the Apad start screen to appear,
  7. Release the two buttons
  8. Using the two buttons above, move the cursor to select “wipe data/factroy reset”
  9. Confirm by pressing the back button in the front panel
  10. Using the two buttons above select “yes” then confirm
  11. Reset procedure will start, wait until “DATA wipe complete”
  12. Select “Reboot System Now” then confirm
  13. Touchscreen calibration will initiate, follow as instructed
  14. If successful, the Android Logo should appear in the screen,
  15. A prompt for complete settings will appear.
  16. Tap “”
  17. Wait and the Apad should start at the default settings.
Reminder: Apad shall erase all data and settings upon reset. Back up data if needed.
We welcome feedbacks and suggestions for the article “Reset Apad to FActory Settings”. Thanks for reading.
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